ROBLOX: Scream Queens Season 3 is the ROBLOX Scream Queens created Season 3, planned by PxperAnna.

The Chanels

Chanel Oberlin, Sadie, and Libby - and of course, the creepy Hester Ulrich - are all the current survivors from Kappa Kappa Tau, and the C.U.R.E Hospital.

Season 3 Info

We can't really tell you what it's about, since we want it to be a surprise. But we will give you this clue: One of the Chanels will be back in this season! (No, not a Season 2 Chanel.) So be ready to see who it is!

So, many of you may be wondering: Who is the new killer? Well, we couldn't leave the next season without a killer, so we've decided who it will be. Again, it's a surprise. But if we didn't have a killer, then there would be no point in a Season 3 other than to see the Chanels enjoying a bunch of episodes without action. None of the seasons will go without a killer, of course!

Also, we will not be having any additional Chanels, so please do not ask to be an additional Chanel. We will be releasing a premiere on Sunday for our Season 3. It will be recorded by PxperAnna, of course.

The Killer

So, like we said, there will be a new killer. We'll release another premiere this time, with the killer in it. It will give you a clue of who it is. It is a dark figure who will be going after the Chanels in their theme place in Season 3.

What happened to the Chanels?

Chanel #4 was deceased before the series, and Chanel #2 died in S1 E1. Chanel #6, AKA Hester Ulrich, was recently removed from the Chanels due to creepy content and trying to murder the Chanels, starting with Chanel #5. Since Chanel, Libby, and Sadie are still alive, sadly, Zayday might not be coming along in this season.

A lot of you love Zayday just like Hester, but she may not be coming along because she does not really fit with the theme, and that Grace and her are still best friends and have a long journey to go through. And the Red Devil or the Green Meanie will not be appearing in this season, obviously. With Chanel the leader, will there possibly be rivals....and a new leader for the Chanels?

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